We have a new name!

Your Church is now Living Hope Church Coffs Harbour!

After careful consideration and reflection on our journey since 1973, we have decided to usher in a new era with a change in our name to “Living Hope Church Coffs Harbour.”

This shift is more than just a modification of our identity; it represents a renewed vision and a forward-looking perspective. Aligned with our membership in Churches of Christ Australia, “Living Hope Church Coffs Harbour” embodies our commitment to serving the Coffs Harbour region with fervor and dedication.

Throughout our history, our church has been deeply rooted in a passion for serving the community and witnessing the transformative power of Jesus’ love. The new name reflects this enduring commitment and serves as a symbol of our collective mission and vision. As we embrace this change, let us continue to stand together in faith, serving our community, and embodying the boundless love of God.

Mark Deutschmann
Pastor, Living Hope Church